give em the ol’ razzle dazzle


cat: places paw tentatively on boob
me: please–
cat: presses paw down on boob
me: don’t–
cat: slowly, agonizingly walks across boobs

" Every morning, I wake up and forget just for a second that it happened. But once my eyes open, it buries me like a landslide of sharp, sad rocks. Once my eyes open, I’m heavy, like there’s too much gravity on my heart. "

─ Sarah Ockler, Twenty Boy Summer (via psych-facts)

Memories by Stanley* on Flickr.




As creepy as it may be for the owner when cats come home with dead animals/insects, you cannot get mad at them. In fact, praise them, tell them thank you. Because when a cat kills an animal for you, it means they love you, and are eternally grateful for the life you’ve given them. It’s the most honorable thing you could possibly receive from your kitty.

Cats are hardcore as fuck
"I love you so much I killed this for you”

It’s also cause they think you’re terrible hunters and think you’ll starve if they don’t help you

Outdoor cats, no bueno


the first time you hear the transition from But It’s Better If You Do to I Write Sins Not Tragedies (x)

" I’m sick of people telling me it’s just a “get over it” situation. Fuck you. You don’t know what it’s like in my head. "

─ Will McAvoy, The Newsroom (via lushwisdom)