Cat doesn’t know what to do with the butterfly that flew on its paw.

Last week, Humans of Portland shared a photo of a couple laying in the grass and talking. The caption read, "We’re looking for the moon. Have you seen it?" I loved that idea—hanging out, scanning the sky—and it inspired this GIF. I documented some of the process here.
Anonymous whispered: They should put Tillikum down! He's murdered three people, why are you trying to free him? So he can come back and murder our loved ones?





damn, y’all motherfuckers never told me that tillikum has fucking legs. he must put them on after the shows because HOW IS HE GOING TO COME BACK AND KILL YOUR LOVED ONES?

you snatch a wild animal in the cruelest way possible and make them perform in a degrading manner for years, living in an unnatural and sad environment and you’re getting mad that he’s finally snapping? he’s an intelligent creature that is more than 10,000lbs more than a pet. he doesn’t fucking get “put down”.

poor tilikum. he’s living a sad life and rest in piece to keltie, daniel, and dawn: victims of seaworld’s irresponsibility. you do NOT house highly sociable and intelligent apex predators in a pool and expect nothing to happen.

don’t bring this nasty shit to my inbox again.

Seriously!? Are these people getting more and more stupid or what? Breaking news: People lock your doors, orcas can now come and kill all your loved ones!

"come back and murder our loved ones"

im sry but i cant stop laughing like what is this “Orca: The killer whale” shit lol

he’s climbin’ in yo windows he’s snatchin’ yo people up


Beckoning Cat No.2(Gotokuji Temple) by nekojimakeibu on Flickr.